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      About us
ALL GREAT ANIMALS is a creative media studio that brings artistic, professional-level media design to pet lovers. Our services are unique. We build our montages from the ground up using our own artwork, backgrounds, and motion graphics. 

We work with fewer images to give more attention to the details of each photo. We want each one to stand out, to tell its own story in a unique way. 

Before placing a photo or image into a montage we check for and, as necessary, apply: color correction, touch-ups, filters, lighting, cropping, and/or whatever else might be needed. After the photos are carefully prepared, we then craft our signature movements, effects and transitions into and around the images. 

Once the montage is assembled and all the visual elements are in place,

we finish each montage off with a soundtrack. Placing the soundtrack often means going back into the visual elements of the piece to adjust and fine-tune them to work with the soundtrack or visa-versa.

Sometimes we create our own music, other times we use selections from the Fresh Music Library for clean, well-rendered compositions that tend to go nicely with these pieces.

At ALL GREAT ANIMALS we approach each montage as unique and special. We strive to bring out the best in each montage so that the subjects in them, our great animals, really shine. 

        We hope you enjoy our work and that it provides lasting enjoyment and many warm memories.