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 How to order

 The Ordering Process 

Our video montages are handled more as commissioned pieces, so it is important to have some
communication with you about them before moving forward. We put considerable energy into
crafting each video, so we like to establish a rapport with you and understand how to approach
your project in greater detail before we start.

When you have an idea of the type of montage you would like, give us a call. We'll ask you to fill
out and sign our PET MONTAGE
ORDER FORM and give you specifics on our address and how to send
your images. Your photos, order form and payment are sent directly to our studio in Los Angeles, CA.
We begin work on your project when your images, signed order form and payment are received.

Contact us -- we'll help you get your pet montage project started. 

- Copy or burn your images onto a CD or DVD in order to mail them to us.
- If you prefer to send images over the internet we find Pando software to be effective 
  for e-mailing multiple images at fast speeds. We can also facilitate uploads via
  our FTP server. Call or e-mail us to set either of these methods up.
We work with tif, jpg, png, and psd. 
- If you are not computer savvy, don't worry, we can scan your photos for you. 
- We strongly recommend that you send us copies rather than your originals. 
- We ask that you package the photographs carefully and assume any risks associated with 
  shipping, damage or loss of any documents sent to us. 

Contact us -- we'll help you figure out the easiest way to send us your images.